14 mm Carbon Tube, 1000 mm long - by SAILSetc

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High modulus carbon fibre round tube, 1 mm wall thickness, 54 grams/metre, 1000 mm long. Made of high modulus UD carbon fibres to provide a tube with very high stiffness for its weight and diameter. Use for the bottom section of a mast for a Marblehead or Ten Rater or similar size boat with 12 and 10 mm diameters above. Use for the upper section of a mast for an A Class or similar size boat with 16.5 mm lower down and 12 mm diameter higher up..

If this tube is supported on two knife edges spaced 900 mm apart and loaded with a 6kg weight placed in the centre, the deflection at the load will be 5.2 mm. Test alternative tubes like this to see how their stiffness compares.