Adjustable Clew Guide Light 10mm Boom - by SAILSetc -

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Clew attachment - 10 mm. Use with a 10 mm dia boom. Can be used on carbon booms as well as alloy booms.

To attach the clew place the part on the boom where required and use a pair of pliers to bend the leg of the eye forward through 90 degrees. Add the clew and use the pliers to bend the leg back into place. Use of a soft grade stainless steel permits this operation to be repeated many times without failure of the metal.

The item is tumbled in abrasive medium to remove all external sharp edges and give a satin finish.

The part is designed to be a push fit onto the boom tube. If it is too slack use pliers or a vice to gently squash the hole to an elliptical shape until the grip is good. If the grip is too tight use a small round file to remove some material from the inside of the part until it is a good fit. When you are sure the part is properly positioned on the rig and aligned symmetrically use a spot of cyanoacrylate glue to lock in place.

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