Adjustable Jib Boom Swivel Ball Raced - by SAILSetc -

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SAILSetc pt # 120d
Part Number: 090B
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  • Headsail boom swivel - SAILSetc spar. Ball raced headsail boom swivel for use with a SAILSetc spar section boom. Bend the wire to form a suitable hook. Spare wire provided.
  • For use on 36/300, 36R, US 1M, IOM, M, 10R and similar sized boats.
  • The design of the fitting means no holes are required in the boom at the point of greatest load thus minimising the chance of failure. Adjustment to the position of the part is easy to achieve using the lock screw of the boom track slide ref 104B.
  • The SAILSetc boom spar system is designed to be used with the track on the starboard side so that access to the adjustments is possible with the boat placed port side down. That seems logical because it is then possible to pick up the boat with the left hand/arm and hold the transmitted with the right hand allowing the boat to be launched and the rudder to be controlled at the same time. That's our story anyway. But there are people who want the track on the port side and we have a special supply of left handed 120D especially for them. Please ask.
  • SAILSetc pt # 120d

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