Ball raced gooseneck with Aluminum body, Will fit or 12.7mm masts

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Includes instructions and mounting hardware
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  • Ball raced gooseneck/kicking strap unit for use with any round mast tube and suitable for 36/600, 36R, US 1M, IOM and similar small boats. The metal body of the gooseneck fits snugly onto a mast with any diameter between 8 and 14 mm and ensures a secure and perfectly aligned fit for this key item of the boat's rig.
  • The boom end fitting is suitable for use with the SAILSetc spar section.
  • The unit is supplied with the SAILSetc self locking design of kicking strap.
  • Includes instructions and mounting hardware
  • SAILSetc pt # 011A
  • Downloadable Document