Ballast - bulb - 2.4 kg

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  • Ballast - bulb - 2.4 kg. Ballast bulb to suit IOM, with slot, cast in precision mould, centre axis brass rod, cast state.
  • The weight is 2.4 kgs after smoothing.
  • A brass rod runs down the centreline to help prevent the ends from being damaged. The ballast is cast from an alloy of lead and antimony to increase stiffness. The casting process can result in cavities in the surface and inside the casting itself especially at the fine ends of the ballast. Expect to fill these cavities with epoxy or polyester filler to create a fair surface before preparing to spray the ballast. We recommend a convex Surform blade, held in the hands, to reduce significant weight from a ballast and varying grades of file to produce a fair surface before moving onto to varying grades of grit paper.
  • Self adhesive coarse abrasive paper bonded to 3 mm ply to make a 'file' is excellent for fairing the surface after using a Surform blade. The 40, 50 and 60 grades followed by 100 grade are particularly useful.

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