Boom Band with Eye - 12.7 mm

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Boom Band with Eye - 12.7 mm
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  • Boom band with eye - 12.7 mm. A single boom band cut from the set 048-SET, glass filled plastic, with eye, for 12.7 mm diameter boom.
  • Where a forestay or other heavily loaded line is to be added to the boom use the 104-xxx stainless steel equivalent instead.
  • Similar in design to our stainless steel 104-xxx items and therefore suitable for use with the zed hook, 87z. Made of glass filled plastic and strong enough for most applications except for the forestay attachment.
  • Lock in place with cyanoacrylate glue. For a more secure fixing drill the band and boom with a 1.0 mm diameter drill and use a short lengfth of 1.0 mm diameter stainless steel wire to 'nail' the band in place. See the thumbnail sketches for details. If you need to move the band at a future stage it can be released after pushing the 'nail' through to the inside of the boom.