Boom joiner - 10 mm

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  • Boom joiner - 10 mm. Boom joiner , bent, for 10 mm OD carbon tube. 
  • Made from carbon/epoxy, bent through 15 degrees. 
When using mast/boom spar joiners 
  • Prepare alloy tubes and joiners by cleaning all matching surfaces with solvent (acetone, alcohol).
  • Prepare carbon tubes and joiners by thoroughly abrading and cleaning all matching surfaces with solvent (acetone, alcohol). 
  • Use normal 24 hours epoxy resin – thicken as necessary to prevent the resin from draining out of poor fitting joints before curing – and ensure the parts are correctly aligned during cure. 
  • Simplify cleaning by allowing the resin to partly cure – between 1 and 3 hours depending on temperature – and then use solvent to clean off the excess resin from the joints. Check alignment again before allowing to fully cure.
  • Carbon tow wetted out with epoxy resin should be wrapped around the joined ends of the tubes for additional reinforcement in highly stressed spars.

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