Bowsies - Micro - 10/pack

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  • 10 per package. 
  • Bowsies - micro. Miniature bowsie in stainless steel, 7 mm x 3 mm, Use with 90 lb test Spectra or smaller lines.
  • Sold on a sprue that keeps them together until needed. 
  • Use for providing adjustment where space is limited or on RG65, Footy or similar small boats where the load is small and it is important to minimise windage.
  • They provide a perfect termination for the SAILSetc flat rigging wire or seven strand wire where the shrouds meet the mast. 
  • 1   It solves the problem of having a brass or copper termination on the shroud where it passes through the hole in the mast and so minimises corrosion at this critical point. 2   It minimises the stretch in the shroud compared to other methods. 3   It avoids the weight and windage of a hook/hole termination. 4   It is super light and minimises windage.
  • See the small diagrams for details.