Counterbalance attachment - 11mm

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Counterbalance attachment - 11mm
Part Number: 101-110
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  • Counter balance attachment - 11 mm. To fit 11 mm OD alloy tube tube, plastic.
  • Lock in place on the boom using epoxy resin or cyanoacrylate glue.
  • This item replaces the 101C fitting that we used to use to take the counterbalance weight and the forestay. We stopped using that design as it relied on being a push fit in to the forward end of the headsail boom which had to be cut off to the correct length. The push fit stressed the boom tube and caused the spar to crack along its length, along the grain of the drawn tube in fact. The new design spares stressing the tube, protects the cut end from corrosion and permits the forestay attachment, ref 104-110, to be placed exactly where required once the rig has been added to the boat and adjusted to fit perfectly.
  • Boom material not included

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