Drill guide block - for 11.1 mm mast spars - with metal drill guide

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  • Drill guide block - for mast spars.
  • Drill guide block that can be used to drill 11.0/11.1 mm Ø mast and 11.0 mm Ø boom spars for rigging holes.
  • A single block is used to provide secure guides for correctly aligned 1.5 mm Ø holes for spreaders, shrouds and forestay attachment.
  • A single block can be used to create the row of accurately spaced and aligned holes for the Z hooks used to adjust the sheets on main and headsail booms - 5 mm spacing.
  • Use of two blocks enables perfect alignment between all the holes - one block is used to hold the mast while the other is stationed for each set of holes.
  • All blocks have alignment slots for SAILSetc standard goosenecks and metal bodied ball raced goosenecks to ensure alignment between the gooseneck and the holes.
  • The standard block has drill guide holes that are not bushed and which will wear over time. But, used with care, the expected life is still long. The block with metal drill guides will give much longer precision life.
  • If holes larger than 1.5 mm diameter are required, use the blocks to create the 1.5 mm diameter holes first and then, without using the block, enlarge the holes with the preferred size of drill.
  • A 1.4 mm drill will work fairly well in the 1.5 mm guide holes. Drill guide blocks for smaller holes than 1.5 mm Ø by request.
  • Instructions - downloadable document.

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