Drill guide block - for SAILSetc boom spars

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  • Drill guide block, for boom spars. 
  • Choose a block to suit either the SAILSetc boom spar, 11 mm diameter round tube, or a universal block to suit round tubes from 8 to 14 mm diameter. 
  • Drill guide block that can be used to drill boom spars with correctly aligned and spaced holes for a sheet adjustment hook. For 4 mm spacing or 5 mm spacing. 
  • The drill guide has holes that are not bushed and which will wear over time. But, used with care, the expected life is still long. 
  • If holes larger than 1.6 mm diameter are required, use the block to create the 1.6 mm diameter holes first and then, without using the block, enlarge the holes with the preferred size of drill. 
  • A 1.4 or 1.5 mm drill will work fairly well in the 1.6 mm guide holes. Drill guide blocks for smaller holes than 1.5 mm Ø by request. 
  • Instructions - downloadable document.

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