Fin insert - top -M3

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  • Choose pan head or countersunk head screw
  • Fin insert, for RG65, IOM and smaller boats. 
  • M3 head bolt plus captive part for top of fin.
  • This is a M3 bolt and stainless steel insert used to allow secure attachment of the fin to the hull for smaller boats where fin thickness is not sufficient to allow use of the M4 version, item INS-040.
  • The stainless steel insert is bonded into a round keyhole in the fin and prevents the bolt from pulling out. Make the hole in a strong part of the fin, through both skins and about 10 to 15 mm from the top to leave a lot of strength around it. To bond it in place take the following precautions: abrade the inside of the fin where the insert is to be bonded and clean with solvent, apply release agent (wax, silicone grease, light oil) to the bolt, use thickened epoxy resin, push the thickened resin into the hole, add the insert, add the bolt and tighten fully, fill any cavities with thickened resin and apply tape over the top, allow to cure well before attempting to remove the bolt.

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