Hales DMB-2 double block with shackle

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Double Block with Shackle
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Hales Micro precision ball bearing Double Block with Shackle Specs: 
  • Body length 17.5 mm 
  • Length including Shackle 23 mm 
  • Width 10.4 mm 
  • Body Thickness 10.2 mm 
  • Thickness across Shackle 8 mm 
  • Sheave Diameter 7.3 mm 
  • Maximum Line Size 2 mm 
  • Mass 2 grams
This product from Australia features:
  • Stainless steel sidestraps for strength and to prevent corrosion 
  • Stainless steel balls, axle and sheave for smooth running under heavy load
  • Balls and sheave cannot rub on side plates, resulting in minimum friction
  • Recessed side plate to allow use of small diameter sheets without risk of the sheet sliding between the sheave and side plate