Head fitting - 11 mm - w/ wire and bearing

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  • Head fitting - 11 mm. For 11 mm dia round mast tubes and 11.1 mm alloy GROOVY mast section. Suitable for use with 36R, IOM and similar size boats.
  • Includes a wire w/ lower bearing added for the sail head.
  • Now much copied this is the original mast head fitting that is a push fit into the top of a mast. The design incorporates the upper limit mark, a hole for the mainsail head swivel and attachment for the backstay crane.
  • Use backstay cranes ref 022-040 or 022-025 (No 3 rig only). Use 1.5 mm dia wire for the mainsail head swivel ref W150.
  • The grey colour meets the rule requirement for the limit marks to contrast with the colour of the spar.
  • The special lug provides attachment for SAILSetc burgee ref 110.