Head fitting - 11 mm

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Head fitting - 11 mm. For 11 mm dia round mast tubes and 11.1 mm alloy GROOVY mast section. Suitable for use with 36R, IOM and similar size boats.

Also used as the aft end fitting for a headsail boom made of 11 diam round alloy tube. Insert into the boom end with the tab uppermost and use to attach the topping lift.

Now much copied this is the original mast head fitting that is a push fit into the top of a mast. The design incorporates the upper limit mark, a hole for the mainsail head swivel and attachment for the backstay crane.

Use backstay cranes ref 022-040 or 022-025 (No 3 rig only). Use 1.5 mm dia wire for the mainsail head swivel ref W150.

The grey colour meets the rule requirement for the limit marks to contrast with the colour of the spar.

The special lug provides attachment for SAILSetc burgee ref 110.