Head fitting - 6 mm

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  • Ball raced head fitting - 6 mm
  • For use with 6 mm OD x 4 mm ID round mast tube and suitable for use with the RG65 and similar size yachts.
  • Designed to be used with SAILSetc carbon fiber tubes. which is MMY pt # 4.
  • The swivel arm rotates on a 3 mm  stainless steel axis.
  • The fitting incorporates a socket for the of a 4 mm mast ID that accepts a 3 mm shaft. A sure in the lower end of the socket allows precise adjustment of the clearance between the rotating arm and the mast head. To prevent it from splitting wrap the upper end of the mast with adhesive tape, deck patch material or carbon tow soaked in epoxy resin or cyan-acrylate glue.
  • The unit can be combined with back stay crane part # 022-RG.
  • For a 3 mm internal diameter mast simply bond the shaft into the top of the mast using copy resin.