Head fitting + backstay crane - 10mm

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Head fitting + backstay crane - 10mm
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  • Ball raced head fitting + back stay crane for 10 mm diameter carbon tube with 8 mm ID.
  • Suitable for Marblehead, Ten Rater, 6 meter and similar sized boats. 
  • We use 20 mm wide Mylar tape to reinforce the top of the mast tube. You can also use deck patch or carbon tow and epoxy resin.
  • On Marblehead class A1, B1 & C1 rigs, you should add the upper limit mark to the rotating arm.
  • When used with an eyelet luff sails it is useful if the upper edge of the arm has a series of notches. Moving the head of the sail aft allows the top of the sail to   be flattened (useful when pressed) and twist more off.
  • Move the backstay as far forward as possible on carbon crane without conflicting with the mainsail leech in order to reduce mast bend and increase forestay tension.
  • To attach a SAILSetc Burgee, drill a 1.6 mm diameter hole in the mast where shown and use an O-ring to secure the burgee. Note the bend in the burgee wire. The lanyard and clip hook are a safety measure to avoid losing the burgee.

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