Mast Band with Flange - 12 mm

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  • Mast band with flange, glass filled plastic for 12 mm diameter mast
  • The hole is drilled to 2.3 mm to accept a shackle
  • It is intended to spread the forestay attachment point away from the mast a little when used with a pocket luff mainsail to stop the forestay and topping lift from fouling on the pocket luff.
  • The hole is spaced away from the mast so the band should be placed about 25 mm lower than them measured height of the forestay limit mark.
Why not drill a hole in the mast for the forestay attachment?
  • A hole is the simple alternative to using this mastband but there are some distinct problems with that: the mast is weakened at a point where there is a peak bending moment - the load of the forestay applied to un-reinforced carbon tube may be enough to pull down the fibres of the tube or even split it - reinforce the tube against splitting if you do this -  the forestay is not held clear of the mast so that a pocket luff of a mainsail can rotate freely around the mast.