Mast Joiner - for 12 to 14 mm round

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  • Mast joiner - for making a temporary but strong join between 14 and 12 mm  diameter carbon mast tubes.
  • Designed to enable the lower section of a 14 mm diameter mast tube to be removed from the upper section of 12 mm diameter mast tube.
  • It is a slim tube that is locked onto the lower end of the 12 mm diameter carbon tube 100 mm above the lower end.
  • Use cyanoacrylate glue for this purpose and ensure it properly cures before it is used.
  • When assembled the joiner fits neatly over the top of the 14 mm section and protects it from splitting.
  • This should be a real bonus for those applications where you need to make rigs pack down into a much smaller space and still retain the strength of the joins.