Mast head/boom end fitting - 9.5 to 10 mm

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  • SAILSetc pt #103F
  • Main Boom Fitting for #112 Gooseneck for 10mm CF Boom - by SAILSetc -
  • Mast head/boom end fitting - 9.5 to 10 mm. Fits any mast or boom tube with a 8 mm ID and allows connection to a 101b tang or 4.8/5 mm dia backstay crane.
  • Boom end fitting for forward end of 10 mm diameter carbon or 3/8" alloy boom when used with a SAILSetc standard gooseneck fitted with a 101b tang.
  • May also be used as a mast head fittings for 10 mm diameter carbon with a #115,116,116a,118 or 188b backstay crane. Ensure the mast top is reinforced externally to resist fracturing.

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