Rigging Screw, Small, Self locking

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Rigging screw - small - self locking
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  • M3 thread
  • Rigging screw - small.
  • Single end design, nickel plated brass, M3 thread, self locking design, 1.2 mm dia stainless steel wire.
  • The eyebolt part of the rigging screw has 20 mm of thread. There is no lock nut so the maximum safe adjustment length is about 15 mm.
  • A small single ended rigging screw ideal for shrouds and kicking straps on classes like 36/600, 36R, US 1M, IOM, M, 10R and so on.
  • Bend the wire to make a hook of permanent attachment to a deck eye. Attach the shroud to the eye in the eyebolt end.