SAILSetc block with 6 mm sheave

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  • Block, ball raced, micro - 6 mm sheave. SAILSetc design and manufacture. A beautifully simple design of block for lines up to 0.75 mm diameter. 
  • 6 mm sheave, 12.5 mm long, 8 mm wide, 4.5 mm thick. 1.5 mm diameter fastener holes.
  • Suitable for use with the main winch loop system on the 65 class and smaller boats. Useful for other applications on miniature craft. 
  • Intended to be used with 15 or 30 kg BS Dyneema. Designed to be used suspended on 30 or 50 kg BS Dyneema line. 
  • When suspending the block on a line, it is important that the line passes through both holes in the block in the way shown in the thumbnail sketches above.