SAILSetc double block with 8mm sheave with beckett

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  • SAILSetc design and manufacture. A beautifully simple design of block for lines up to 1.0 mm diameter - simply designed better - that allows real versatility in use.
  • 8 mm sheave, 15 mm long, 12 mm wide, 10 mm thick, 2 mm diameter fastener holes.
  • Suitable for use with the main winch loop system on IOM and smaller boats. For boats larger than the IOM use 061-010. For boats as large as an A Class use 061-013.
  • The sheave is a stainless steel ball race and the block has the lowest friction of all the similar items we have tested. This is the smaller of two otherwise identical items but has enough strength for the sheet loads in boats up to Ten Rater size. Suitable for Dyneema line from 10 kg up to 75 kg breaking strain. It can be dismantled and maintained with no danger to the bearing.
  • This block can be used in two principal ways. One way is by suspending it on a line of Dyneema. The other way is to fix it to a surface using bolts or screws. Another way is to tie it to an eyebolt ref 035-006 or 035-025 with a spring ref 061-SPRING in between so that the block is supported perpendicular to the surface.
  • When suspending the block on a line it is important that the line passes through both holes in the block in the way shown in the thumbnail sketches above. It is I'm,portent that the line holds the parts of the black together as well as it holds the block to the boat / rig.