SAILSetc's Gooseneck/kicking strap, round mast mount, one meter for any boom

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Includes instructions and mounting hardware
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  • Gooseneck/kicking strap unit for 11 mm or 12.7 mm mast tubes and suitable for use with 36/600, 36R, US 1M, IOM and similar size boats. The plastic body of the gooseneck snaps snugly onto a mast with 11 or 12.7 mm dia and ensures a secure and perfectly aligned fit for this key item of the boat's rig. The plastic body reduces the corrosion at this critical point on the mast and eases maintenance of the unit.
  • The tang allows the boom to be used with SAILSetc spar section and round boom section. The versatility of this unit makes it perfect for use with the standard SAILSetc IOM rig pack.
  • The unit is supplied with the SAILSetc self locking design of kicking strap.
  • The design of the body permits a simple Cunningham attachment that permits the mainsail to rotate freely about the mast.
  • Includes instructions and mounting hardware
  • SAILSetc pt # 15
  • Downloadable Document