Sail Reinforcement and Deck Patch Material 685 mm x 375 mm "Pink"

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  • The color swatch represented on the product is an approximate and for guidance only.
  • 140 g/meter2, self adhesive Dacron, Also suitable for sail reinforcement. 
  • 685 x 375 mm
  • Use this material for the larger areas of sail corner reinforcement as it is soft and spreads the load from the eyelet well to the body of the sail.
  • Also useful for emergency hull repairs and for adding slides to the luff of mainsail as shown in thumbnail sketch.
  • Cut deck patches from this self adhesive Dacron which does not leak or degrade with exposure to UV light. Whereas plastic films become brittle with exposure to UV and the cold, this material will minimize the risk of sinking if used properly.
  • To apply deck patches with the minimum of effort and error, keep a small jar of water to which some liquid hand soap has been added. Use just enough soap to allow the water to be spread around the deck surface where the patch will be fitted without the water pulling back to leave dry areas. Peel off the backing material and place the patch over the aperture. The soapy water will allow you to move the patch around until properly placed and taut. In warm dry weather it may take 30-45 minutes to dry. Allow double that time if cold.
  • Always remove the patch over RC equipment after sailing to allow the inside of at the boat and RC gear to dry properly. Save the patch onto the backing sheet for re-use if it is clean. Wash in fresh water if contaminated with salt water. Replace the patch with new if the adhesion has been lost.