Spreader attachment - 11.0 mm / 7/16" mast

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  • Spreader attachment for round mast and the SAILSetc aerofoil spreaders.
  • These come with the 75 mm spreader bars and tips. 
  • This one is for the 11.1 mm mast 
  • This unit has a 5 degree sweepback angle
  • The SAILSetc spreader material is a push fit into the spreader attachment, these can be left in place or removed for transport of the rig or left in place. The spreader attachment cane permanently fitted to the mast or be made a snap on/off fit by removing part of the tube. The spreaders are angled downward(fore and aft) so they are aligned closely with the air flow over the mast and angled upward (transversely) to suit the general angle of the shroud. 

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