Stainless Steel Wire - Flat, 0.9mm x 0.25mm x 10 meters ( .035" x .009" x 32.8' ), use for IOM, US1M, M, EC12

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  • Wire - flat . Stainless steel flattened wire for standing rigging, 0.9 x 0.25 mm single strand, 10 metres.
  • Use wherever you want to reduce the windage of round section rigging wire. Suitable for use for shrouds, backstay and topping lift on boats from 36" up to 10R & 6M size. Use for backstay and topping lift for A Class.
  • The flat wire will align properly with the airflow if you attach both the forestay and topping lift to the same eye and it will be easier for the headsail to goosewing properly. Using a short length of line between the hook and a ring, ref 046B, to which the forestay and topping lift are attached allows the headsail to goosewing even easier.