Standard Gooseneck - RG65 - with kicking strap

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Standard Gooseneck - RG65
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  • Gooseneck unit for 8 mm (5/16"=0.315") diameter mast tubes
  • Body length is 30mm and can be shortened if required
  • Most Sky Shark tubes and suitable for use on RG65 and similar size boats
  • A kicking strap is not included with this item. 
  • SAILSetc M2 rigging screw ref. 131m is used for a kicking strap.
  • The gooseneck comes with a boom end fitting for a 4 mm internal diameter boom spar. At the lower end of the gooseneck the same tang is used to provide a connection to the kicking strap
  • The gooseneck body is a good clip fit onto 8 mm diameter tubes.
  • It is also a good fit to lightly tapered tubes like the popular Sky Shark 7 PT and 5 PT tubes 
  • The body will fit smaller  diameter tubes if they are wrapped evenly with a durable tape( deck patch material is ideal) where necessary.
  • Fixing the gooseneck to the mast can be achieved with cyano-acrylate glue. The gooseneck contains a 1 mm diameter drill and 1 mm diameter wire pins can be added to lock the body to the mast mechanically also.