Tell-Tales, per pair

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  • Each Tell-Tale measures 10 x 100 mm.
  • Product Description: Tell-tales, Apply to headsails to assist with sail trim and course steered. Ultra thin mylar for sensitivity. Gold/silver for high visibility. Per pair.
  • These are normally placed on the headsail at about mid height and 10% of the local chord width back from the luff. Fit the starboard tell tale 100 mm above the port tell tale. This relationship (same as sail numbers) helps to get familiar with their use.
  • When sailing to windward and on a reach, when the sail is trimmed correctly for the course steered the tell tales will stream smoothly along the sail. If one breaks away from the surface of the sail it is because the flow over the tell tale is separated and turbulent. To restore the flow steer away the side that is fluttering or re-sheet the sail accordingly.
  • When sailing downwind the flow will may be fully turbulent and stalled to the tell tales will be of little use. But often, even at wider sheeting angles, it is useful to keep smooth flow over the sails if possible.