Thru-deck block

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Similar in concept to the other SAILSetc blocks and designed to replace other through deck blocks we have stocked in previous years. To help minimise the ingress of water the line passes through a seal.

Use with Dyneema lines. Thread the line through the unit after soaking the end 50 mm of line with thin cyanoacrylate glue and allowing it to set properly. Many lines have a treatment that prevents cyanoacrylate glues from penetrating the line and these may need cleaning with some solvent first. Once the line has hardened use a sharp cutting knife to trim off the very end to make a sharp point. Carefully push this ÔneedleÕ through the white seal captive in the block's upper outlet until the end appears from the lower outlet. If you want to use a thick line it may be best to thread a thin line through the block first and use it to pull the thicker line through. If this method fails you can take the block apart safely PROVIDING you take care to retain the white silicone seal and black plastic washer that are retained in recesses inside the two shell-like halves of the block. Once the block is taken apart you will be able to thread the seal and washer onto the line and re-assemble the whole unit.